Library Opening By Appointment

Morton County Library
will move into phase 2 of reopening on Monday, July 6th

Morton County Library will move into phase 2 and be opening to our patron’s by appointment. To make the transition easier, please read and observe the following regulations.

  1. Call and make appointment with library staff. (620) 697-2025
  2. Knock on door when you arrive for your appointment.
  3. Returned books must be dropped in the outside book drop.
  4. Masks are required and available free of charge at the front door.
  5. If a patron chooses not to wear a mask they will have to use curbside pickup only.
  6. Hand Sanitizer is available at the front door (Please use when entering and Exiting)
  7. Maintain a 6ft social distance.
  8. 30-Minute time limits for checkout and computer use.
  9. Please select items and be respectful of our time limits.
  10. Use the sanitizing bins at the tables for any items you have touched but do not check out.
  11. No public restrooms, water fountains, or phones at this time.
  12. All children must be accompanied by an adult.