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Tuesday July 30th at 2:00

We looked great at the 4th of July parade!

Ages 18+

Our Summer Reading Kick-Off is June 4th!

Stop by the library to sign up.

2023 Annual State Report for Elkhart & Rolla libraries.

To find out more, use this link: Kansas Public Library Survey & State Report

Fines for overdue items

Congressman Tracey Mann at the library during his listening tour.


Introducing the newest addition to The Morton County Library:

“The Page”, our new Tween room open Monday-Friday. We currently have two VR headsets, a Nintendo Switch doc (you must bring your own Nintendo Switch), and various board games for your enjoyment! We would love for you to stop by over Christmas break and have fun in our new room. We look forward to seeing you over Christmas break!

Please call the library or stop in to ask questions about age restrictions and parental supervision for the VR headsets.

Kansas Library eCard Information

The State Library of Kansas works with Kansas libraries to provide digital library books for all residents, which includes downloadable audiobooks and eBooks to read or listen to on your tablet, computer or mp3 player.
Individuals will need to go to their local library and ask for a Kansas Library eCard to register and login to use these free services.

Use this link to learn more: https://kslib.info/128/Digital-Book-eLending

Thank you for the beautiful flag!