The top right corner of the site has a link to our TumbleSearch feature. TumbleSearch allows you to find JUST the right book for you: by subjectlength, and reading levels!

In addition, our Search By Title and Author areas have an auto-fill function that help young readers find the titles they’re looking for, even if they might have a hard time spelling the words correctly.

The Search By Title and Search By Author sections are great to use if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Were you reading a book called “Hello Sun” last week, but can’t remember where to find it? Just enter the title and it’ll pop right up!

Story Book Of The Day

Visit TumbleBookLibrary every day to see a new highlighted Story Book of the Day! We also highlight Graphic Novels, Non Fiction, Read Alongs, and Videos of the day!

When you log in to TumbleBookLibrary, the Story Book Of The Day slider is at the forefront of the home page, and it rotates between the other book categories every few seconds.

Inspiration can come from many places, and we hope that our Book Of The Day feature may help you find your new favourite read! Help you revisit an old favourite! Most of all, we hope it will help you explore everything the site has to offer.

Favorites and Playlists

Have you found a book you LOVE and want to come back to it again later? Add it to Favorites by clicking on the “Add to Favorites” button beneath the book cover.

Or, do you want to set up your student with a 30 minute block of stories while you work with another student? Click the “Add to Playlist” button.

These two features are great tools for organizing your TumbleBookLibrary, and coming back to specific books later on. 

Simply be aware that these featured are saved on individual computers or devices. This means that if a student makes a list on one device, they should use that device again the next time they want to see their list.

Your list of Favorites and Playlists can be accessed by clicking on the blue Favorites and Playlist links in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Note that these Playlists are ones you make yourself! Whereas the pink Playlist category tab features over 100 pre-made Playlists created by TumbleBooks.


The TumbleBookLibrary Index is a live list of all active titles in the collection.

The hyperlinked headings let you sort the list by Title, Author, Book Type, or AR level! There’s even a “Story Books” button which allows you to pull out just the story books from the original list.

You can jump to a specific area in the list by clicking on one of the alphabet buttons.

Finally, the Index also has a red speaker icon which shows you if a title includes audio narration or not. It’s a great way to see – at a glance – all of our read-along story and chapter books.

More information: https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/howToVideos.aspx